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Exploring Sound Lower Elementary Index



These lessons are modified versions of the fully tested and reviewed physical science lessons.  They have been modified by an elementary teacher for the lower grades (K-2).


Why Mosquito’s Buzz in People’s Ears stand alone activity, .doc, .pdf

This activity integrates literature into a science lesson about how vibrations cause sound. 


Good Vibrations stand alone activity.pdf

Interactive lesson demonstrating the connection between sound and vibrations.


Echolocation Speed of Sound stand alone activity .doc, .pdf

          Interactive lesson which allows students to experience a delay between seeing a sound and hearing it.  Students also investigate the limits of their sight.


Echolocation Fish Finding Game stand alone activity .doc, .pdf


Echolocation Sound not Sight stand alone activity .doc, .pdf

In this activity students explore the idea of how it feels to use sound only to locate objects.


Echolocation 3D Location stand alone activity .doc, .pdf

Students experience having to search for objects above and below them, rather than only side-to-side, similar to how bats and dolphins find food.


Echolocation How Dolphins Use Sound stand alone activity .doc, .pdf, .ppt, slides.pdf


Loud Sounds Bookmarks stand alone activity .doc, .pdf

        Students make their own bookmark with information on loud sounds for future use.


Loud Sounds Coloring Sheets stand alone activity .doc, .pdf

        Students color three sheets that remind them how to avoid loud sounds.





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