Week 8 Unit 3



Read all of the remaining research material that will be used in your Literature Review



Brief summary of findings which should include highlights of some interesting and unexpected outcomes as well as planned Action Research Questions. by 11:59 p.m. 7/18.



As many of your classmates lit reviews as you can to prepare for Tuesdays discussion



Comment on as many lit reviews as you have time for (minimum of three). This feedback will be very helpful for your classmates research but only three comments are required.


Present during eMeet

Lead a discussion around Literature Review Findings

Each student will have 15 minutes to lead a discussion on their Literature Review findings.

Email PowerPoint of presentation to Wendy Monday evening. I will upload before class so we can all view them.


Annotated Bibliography

Write paragraph(s) for all the articles that you read this week and add to your personal annotated bibliography.