Annotated Bibliography


During this course you will produce an annotated bibliography of all the research material that you read for this course. Immediately after you read each article or book chapter, you will create a new entry in your annotated bibliography.  This is a time saver for the future.  I cannot tell you how many times I have referred back to mine and saved myself hours of searching.


At the end of this course, everyone will receive a copy of the SCED 678 complete annotated bibliography compiled from each student’s personal annotated bibliography.  For about half of the research material that you read during this course, you will be the only one reading it. By combining everyone’s personal annotated bibliography, each person will come away with an annotated bibliography containing about 80 more articles than they read!  I hope this will be a handy resource later.


What is an Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is a bibliography that also contains a paragraph or two summarizing and evaluating each entry. This web page does a nice job of describing an annotated bibliography:

For this class we will use APA style in alphabetical order.  Please make your annotations both informative and critical.

Note:  Your annotations should not look like the abstract of the article


Due Dates:

6/1         Your first entry will be on the first reading assigned in Week 1.  I will provide feedback on this first entry so that you are clear on the expectations. Please email as a Word document directly to me.


6/17       Turn in your entries for Weeks 1 – 3 readings (5 entries total), as a Word doc via email.


7/21       Turn in your completed Personal Annotated Bibliography containing entries for all in class readings as well as your own research topic, as a Word doc via email.



By the end of this course you will have three different annotated bibliographies:

Personal Annotated Bibliography – This document will include entries for every piece of research material that you read during this course.

SCED 678 Annotated Bibliography – This document will be a combination of the personal annotated bibliographies of all students in this class.

Literature Review Annotated Bibliography – This document will only include entries for the research material referenced in your literature review.



Grading Criteria

Your Personal Annotated Bibliography will be graded out of 200 points, earned as follows:

First entry turned in by 6/1


Weeks 1 – 3 entries turned in by 6/17


Complete Bibliography turned in by 7/21


APA Formatting of all citations, in alphabetical order


Contains an entry for every article read during this course. Each entry is both informative and critical as defined by the linked University of Maryland description.