Week 7 – Unit 3



One article/book chapter of your choice from anywhere.

Note: Take good notes so that you can generate five strong discussion questions if your article is chosen.



Answer the following questions about this reading on Blackboard by 11:59 p.m. 7/7.

1. What did you learn from this paper?

2. What are you confused about from this paper?

3. What questions did this paper bring to mind, what did it make you wonder about?

Directions: Use Blackboard Blogs for this.  Under Course Tools you will see “Blog”.  Choose Blog and then click the entry labeled “Week 7”.  At the top in the grey bar, click “Create Blog Entry”.


Comment and Vote

Comment on each of your group member’s Blackboard Blog responses to their chosen article by 11:59 p.m. 7/8.

Once you’ve read all three responses from your group, rank the articles according to your interest in reading them. The top choice from each group will be assigned for this week’s discussion.


Directions: To vote, please comment on the blog entry that is labeled with your group number: “Group # vote” due by 11:59 p.m. 7/8



Look for an “announcement” posted Saturday that lists the preferred article from each group.  You are responsible for reading two papers this week, the winning article from group 1 and from group 2.


Present during eMeet

If your paper is chosen as one of the two papers that we will discuss during our eMeet, please generate five discussion questions for each group to discuss on Tuesday. Be prepared to lead a follow up discussion once the groups reconvene.


Annotated Bibliography

Write paragraph(s) for the two or three articles that you read this week plus any that you are reading for your Literature Review and add to your personal annotated bibliography.