Week 2 – Unit 1



Effortful practice:

Ericsson, A. (2006). The Influence of Experience and Deliberate Practice on the Development of Superior Expert Performance, The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert performance, Chapter 38, 683-703.

Note: A copy of this chapter can be found on Black board under resources for Week 2.



Annotated Bibliography Entries

Write paragraph(s) for this book chapter and add to your personal annotated bibliography.  Post the paragraph(s) to Blackboard by 11:59 p.m. 6/3 so that your group members can provide feedback on your entry.

Directions: Use Blackboard Blogs for this.  Under Course Tools you will see “Blog”.  Choose Blog and then click the entry labeled “Week 2”.  You will see blogs that have been posted. At the top in the grey bar, click “Create Blog Entry” to post your annotated bibliography.


Comment on Blackboard on each of your group member’s annotated bibliography paragraphs by 11:59 p.m. 6/6. You are welcome to comment on the other group’s paragraphs as well. Provide critical feedback on the appropriateness as annotated bibliography paragraphs that serve as both summative and critical as defined in the University of Maryland Libraries advice on preparing an annotated bibliography.


Directions: At the bottom right, below each person’s entry, there is a comment button.


Annotated Bibliography

Read feedback that your fellow group member’s provided on your paragraph(s).  Modify your entry as needed and update your personal annotated bibliography.  Your Annotated Bibliography Check on 6/26 will include marks for responding to peer feedback.