Literature Review


By the end of this course, you should have both Chapter I and II of your action research completed*.  Every assignment has been designed with this end goal in mind.


Action Research Chapter I

Introduction The introduction is intended to present the context for the Action Research Project and should include the following three components:


Purpose of action research

The introduction includes a concise summary of the motivation for improving or investigating the teacher researcher’s own situation.

The context

The introduction also provides evidence that the area of focus needs investigation or is a problem.

The area of focus

The introduction provides a succinct area of focus statement that is supported by the literature.


Action Research Chapter II

Literature Review The review of literature is intended to provide a scholarly basis for the research questions of the action research project, including the theoretical foundation as well as a critical analysis and synthesis of a published body of research material.


 Theoretical Foundation

The chapter explicitly identifies the theoretical foundation within which the teacher researcher will frame the study. This foundation must be supported by the literature.

Relevant literature

The chapter includes between ten to twenty research- and practitioner-based credible sources that clearly relate to the action research area of focus, including influential work on the topic.

Quality of Literature Review

The chapter both summarizes and synthesizes the reviewed literature without adding new ideas.

Research questions

The chapter includes research questions on which the teacher researcher’s study is based that are relevant to the area of focus and will add understanding to the body of educational research.



Due Dates:

7/1         Research Topic Due

Post Research Topic and Chapter I


7/5         Lead discussion on your topic

Each student will have 15 minutes to lead a discussion on their research topic. You are asked to frame your discussion around the feedback provided by your classmates on Blackboard.


7/18       Read: From 7/1 – 7/18 students should read all of the remaining research material that will be used in their Literature Review

Post brief summary of findings which should include highlights of some interesting and unexpected outcomes as well as planned Action Research questions.

Email PowerPoint by end of day. This will allow it to be uploaded before class begins 7/19.


7/19       Lead a discussion around Literature Review Findings

Each student will have 15 minutes to lead a discussion on their Literature Review findings


7/24       Literature Review Due

Turn in both Chapters I and II with relevant annotated bibliography, as Word doc via email.


Grading Criteria:

Chapter 1

“Research Topic/Chapter 1” is worth 120 points. Points are earned as follows:

Posted to the Blog by 7/1






Area of Focus



Chapter 2

“Literature Review/Chapter 2” is worth 240 points. Points are earned as follows:

Post brief summary to the Blog by 7/18





PowerPoint of summary sent in by end of day 7/18





Full Literature Review/Chapter 2 emailed by 7/24





Annotated Bibliography attached that includes all of and only the articles that are cited in Chapter 1 or 2.


40 Annotated both informative and critical

20 Complete bibliography


Theoretical Foundation





Relevant Literature

     10 – 20

     Clearly relate to action research focus

     Includes influential work on the topic





Quality of Literature Review

·         APA formatting (double spaced/title page).

·         All claims appropriately cited using APA.

·         All claims and references to literature clearly described and terminology defined.


Formatting matches APA. Citations complete and correct. Clear explanations between research cited and how it impacts the action research.



Research Questions






*Note:  The student/teacher researcher and their advisor may decide to modify these chapters at a later date.