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Dissertation (2007 University of Colorado, Boulder)




Introduction – Provides a road map of the dissertation but more interestingly provides brief motivation and structure of problem solving studies along with definitions used for problem solving, exercises, and skills among others.




Chapter 1 – Literature Review.  Main focus is acquisition of knowledge, fair amount on beliefs and only limited review of process skills.




Chapter 2 – Simulation Interview Studies




Chapter 3 – Development and Validation of CLASS




Chapter 4 – Complete description of development and validation of the Colorado Problem Solving Survey




Annotated Bibliography – References with a paragraph or more of initial thoughts after reading the article.



Assessment of Problem Solving Skills (APSS) - Current version of survey which takes 1 ½ hours in an interview setting and 1 hour paper and pencil.



Problem Solving Skills (Knowledge, Processes, Expectations/Motivation/Beliefs) Listing of skills used when completing the Colorado Problem Solving Survey.



Rubric – Detailed description for scoring each skill on a scale from 1-5.



Adams, W. K. and Wieman, C.E. (2015). Analyzing the many skills involved in solving complex physics problems, American Journal of Physics, 83(5), 459-467.

Adams, W. K. and Wieman, C. E. (2007). Problem solving skill evaluation instrument – validation studies. Invited Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings 2006.




Explore Sound Project


Adams, W.K., Clark, A. and Schneider, K., 2013, Classroom Materials from the Acoustical Society of America, The Physics Teacher, Sept 2013.

Supplemental Material



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Introductory Physics

Physical Science for elementary teachers

Presentations and Workshops


Jordan, C., Dunn A. and Adams, W. K., Projectile Motion Hoop Challenge, The Physics Teacher (accepted)







PhET Research


Adams, W. K., Armstrong, Z. B. and Galovich, C. (2016). Can students learn from PhET sims at home, alone? 2015 Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings. 23-26.

Armstrong, Z., Adams, W. K. and Galovich, C., 2014, Simulations as Homework, Physical Review Special Topics, PER in review  – preprint, activities, pre/post tests and rubrics.








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